10 Reasons Why You Should Downsize to a Manufactured Home in Colorado?

Over here in Colorado, people by the thousands are searching for new homes.  A big segment of our mobile home buyers are coming from traditional “stick built” housing, otherwise known as single family homes.

The goal for every American is to become a home owner.  The beauty about manufactured housing is that it gives families of all incomes a chance to live “The American Dream.”  Though with the way Colorado real estate is at the moment, that opportunity is slimmer than most locations.

If you’re currently an owner of a single family home and are considering move away from traditional housing, then now is the time to make a move.  We’ve sold a bunch of mobile homes to individuals who stepped into the manufactured housing realm.

Now if this is the first time that you’ve considered this type of living situation, then here’s a few reasons why you may consider the advantages of mobile home living.

1- Sell While The Market Is Hot

Real Estate prices are soaring and countless buyers are overbidding on asking prices.  As time goes by, homes can outgrow our needs.  Be it because of a life transition such as the kids have grown up and moved away, there was a death or divorce.  If your house too big for you then a mobile home will offer a great place to call home.

2- Cut Monthly Expenses in Half

Are you approaching retirement age and still paying a mortgage? If you are then one easy way to cut those monthly expenses in half would be to purchase a mobile home.  Chances are, if you’ve sold your traditional home for a manufactured home, you’ll be able to pay cash and only have to pay a lot rent.

3- Cheaper to Repair

Depending on how much square footage you would be moving away from, a lot of times, a manufactured home is more affordable to repair and remodel.  Being that on average medium to large sized mobile homes range from 900-1,500 square ft, there’s just a lot less of an area to fix up.

4- Get Back That Community Feel 

Let’s face it, neighborhoods always change throughout the years.  As the years go by, you may feel a little isolated away from folks your age.  One of the perks of manufactured home living would be that most of Colorado’s alternatives are located in manufactured housing communities.  Most communities, especially age-restricted (55+) communities in CO offer amenities and social activities.  If you’re getting up there in age, then this will offer a great outlet for you to meet new friends and start new relationships.

5- Better Than Apartments and Condos

Mobile homes are superior to condo and apartment life.  Now I know that’s a bold statement, but think about the alternative.  With mobile homes, you’ll have your own home.  There will be no wall sharing with neighbors.  This is a huge benefit in several ways, be it for pest control, loud noises in the wee hours or any cooking smells such as oils and greasy food.  With a manufactured home, you’ll have your own yard and place to park. 

6- Easier to Maintain

No more big yards to mow leaves to rake or driveways to shovel.  A mobile home lot is only so big.  One way to take advantage of the limited property size would be to have it landscaped with mulch or a garden.  If you hate shoveling like the rest of the world, then you can build a carport or covered porch.

7- Decrease In Monthly Utilities

Any mobile home built after 1976 has been HUD-approved.  And what that means is that manufactured homemakers have to abide by strict guidelines for the way their homes are built.  Mobile homes are always insulated and built to effectively hold heat during the winter and cold air during the summer months.  Because of the size and design of the manufactured home, it takes less amount of time to heat and cool the home.

8- Mobile Homes Are Easier On The Body

The beauty of a mobile home is that homes are built only one story tall.  No more having to walk up the countless steps just to go to bed.  Manufactured homes are much easier to live for anyone that has a disability or agonizing body pain.

9- Easier To Relocate Near Family

They don’t call mobile homes “mobile” for no reason.  If there is a specific community that you’d like to live in but the home is located in a different area, then you can always move the home.  Or if you simply want to relocate then more mobile homes are for sale than traditional housing.  Every major city and town in Colorado has a manufactured home park located within 10-15 miles of its vicinity, so you’ll still be near all of your favorite stores!

10- There’s Nothing Trashy About Colorado’s Manufactured Home Communities

 Some may say that there is a stigma about mobile home living.  Common terms may be “trailer,” “trailer parks” or “trailer park trash.”  Shows such as “Trailer Park Boys” or “Cops” don’t help the cause.  Truth is, about 95% of Colorado’s mobile home park communities are very nice.  I’ve been to parks all across the country and there is just a much higher standard of living over here than most other places.

Community owners place strict rules for anyone that is doesn’t care about their property.  Most parks are well maintained and are proud of their image.  Lastly, park communities in Colorado want to provide a safe place for their residents.  In order to be accepted in a community, you’ll have to go through a background check and most communities are not felon friendly.

So there you have it, folks.  We’ve found that most of our clients are happy with the change they’ve made.  Maintaining a big home can be very stressful.  If you’re considering this type of transition, then give us a call.  We can either find you a beautiful new or used mobile home for sale in Colorado.