Making Another Seller Stress Free Happy!

Hello Folks!

Just thought that we’d like to share our latest testimonial with Trevor.

We sold Trevor’s manufactured home in less than a week’s worth of time.  I’m really happy that we were able to get it done so fast.  Unfortunately, this was one of those “unexpected moments,” that came about in his life and like many of our sellers, unforeseen life circumstances can take place.

The unfortunate thing about these moments is that they happen WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT THEM!  And it’s okay because it happens to every one of us.  I think that’s why we like working for Colorado Mobile Homes so much.  Helping our clients move on with their lives in the world to us.  Seeing them smile and say thanks.  That’s what it’s all about!

And like every seller that we’ve ever worked with, we did just that for Trevor.  We helped him walk away from his property unscathed of any financial loss, by helping him get top dollar for his mobile home.  I also think that we surprised him with how fast we actually sold his property.  There were many challenges around selling this property.  It’s never easy when the home is located in a 55+ community, let alone a park that does not allow dogs.

It truly was a stress-free experience for all parties involved.  For Trevor, it was the speed at which we conducted business.  For us, it was the immaculate shape that he left the home in for the new owner.  That always makes a world of a difference.

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