Maintaining Your Mobile Home Roof

Maintaining your mobile home roof is equivalent to keeping you and your family comfortable in the house for a long time. This is why we have gathered some of the most important mobile home roof maintenance tips that will keep the leaks out of your home. 

The roof is a critical part of the house structure since it keeps you away from weather hazards and other dangerous elements such as debris being carried by strong winds. That said, it is vital to conduct roof maintenance.

Another great reason to seal coat a mobile home roof periodically is for the cost and convenience. It saves you money on repair costs and the hassles of replacing huge broken sections in the future.

The most common cause of roof problems stems from poor maintenance. Unfortunately, many mobile homeowners give little thought to their roofs. But keep in mind that you can gain tremendous benefits from keeping your roof well-maintained such as avoiding serious and hefty repair prices. 


Safety first

A roof that is in tip-top shape is worthless if you get injured in the process. Prevent worrying about your roof and sustaining injuries by using the right tools and materials. To get the job done professionally, hire professionals and experts. They have the experience and strategies to clean or fix your mobile home roof.


Conduct a thorough roof check

Inspect the ceiling of your mobile home. Walk around the house and see if there are any spots or discoloration on the ceiling that might indicate leakage. Don’t forget to check the ceiling inside closets as this is a common space where we usually find water stains. 

Some signs that will tell your roof needs fixing include:


  • Interior damage such as rotting, damp spots, and moldy wood.
  • Missing, cracked, or curled shingles.
  • Cracks or breaks in the flashing.
  • Mold build-up.
  • Small roof pools of accumulated water on one area of the roof after heavy rainfall.
  • Sagging roof.
  • Tan water stains in the paint. 


If you have an active leak that has created a reservoir of water, you’ll notice a few things. The water will build up and cause the ceiling to bubble or it will spread and start dripping down the walls. If you’re able to catch the leak while it’s active, it’s best to grab a bucket or pot and then puncture a hole in the ceiling with a nail. The ceiling will be soft enough to push the nail by hand, so a hammer will not be necessary. By doing this, you’ll release the water so it doesn’t spread throughout the home. It will also allow the ceiling to dry faster. 

You may have to puncture holes in a few spots. Though, once it dries, you can simply caulk the holes and repaint.  Our recommendation is to not let these roof issues untreated. There are various roof products you can immediately purchase to deal with these problems. For example, when fixing roof cracks, one of the best products to consider is a roof sealant by Henry,  which is a roof coating that provides long-lasting protection.

Roofing seal coats can be purchased in local hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and even Walmart or Amazon. However, they often sell fast. Ordering them online might be a better idea. For savings on mobile home parts, including roofing supplies, click here.

Take out debris from roofs

Cleaning debris from your roof is essential to keep maintaining the appearance of your mobile home. Use a ladder when doing roof power washing or when blowing leaves off the roof.

If possible, have a friend or family member help you out, especially when working on top of the roof. And remember to wear shoes that have good traction to avoid accidents since the roof can become quite slippery. Using a harness or setting a fall system area is also a smart idea.

Just like traditional homes, manufactured homes can be built with all kinds of roofing materials like steel, rubber, and shingles, or composite roofing. Lowes and Home Depot offers a wide variety of roofing supplies as well as cleaning solutions.


  • damaged roof that never had mobile home roof maintenance.
    Old flat pitch metal roof on a mobile home that was not properly maintained.

    Metal material

One of the common problems with metal roofing is that they often get grime build up over time. Dirt engraved on the roof is harder to remove, hence, could cost more to fix. Metal roofing is also susceptible to hail damage and denting. 

Most mobile homes that were constructed pre-1980s were made with a long sheet of steel that is curved or bowed. These roofs are also sometimes referred to as flat pitched. It’s these types of roofs where a sealant would be used. They’re highly susceptible to wear and tear, such as rusting, if not properly cared for. 

The other type of metal roof is aluminum sheeting that’s used in a “roof-over.” This is an after-market project that essentially raises the roof of the home. New aluminum sheeting is rigid and roofed over the existing factory roof.

In order to repair the aluminum roofing, you’ll need to replace it with a sheet. Thankfully, you can find metal roofing materials at just about any hardware store, though if severely damaged it can be very expensive. 


  • Shingles

Shingles are easy to crack and split. And when it does, moisture will be trapped through the layers and cause blisters. A good quality asphalt plastic cement applied using a caulk tube can help resolve this problem or have a roofer replace damaged shingles. 


  • Rubber material

When a rubber roof is improperly installed, there is a tendency that it will shrink and the adhesive will not be water-resistant. The right repair material is needed such as rubber roof coating. Fortunately, you won’t find this material on many newer manufactured homes. 


This roof has several tar patches along the seams and has several rusted sections. This roof had a rip in it, with several active leaking points. It was ultimately sprayed with foam.
  • Foam

One of the latest roofing alternatives for manufactured homes is a hard Polyurethane foam that is sprayed. This foam is made for flat, low pitch roofs and made to restore old metal roofs.

Manufactured homes do not come out of the factory with foam roofs, however, this is an option for anyone that has an older mobile home with a deteriorated metal roof. Benefits to foam roofs include heating, cooling, quieter, and deferred maintenance compared to metal or shingle roofing. The only concerns you may have with a foam roof are from pests eating or digging through the material. 



Inspect for molds

Your mobile home is not exempt from getting algae and moss, so another mobile home roof maintenance tip we can offer is to avoid algae growing on your roof. If left unchecked, it might even cause health problems or can spread to other areas of your home.

 Algae grow on materials like wood, concrete, and shingles. Mobile homes that are located in states that have humid climates are the ones that often get mold build-up on their roofs. That is because most bacteria grow in the combination of accumulated dirt, moisture, and climate.

The best way to clean off the algae is by spray washing your roof with a cleaning solution. Let it dwell there for at least 30 minutes to about an hour or two. And then, rinse with water.

Bleach and water can kill the algae and restore the condition of your mobile home roof. However, severe cases of moss build-up might damage the roof and leave you needing to replace the whole thing.

Get Started Today By Maintaining Your Mobile Home Roof

Whether you intend to seal coat a mobile home roof on your own or hire a professional, implementing regular maintenance should be on the agenda.

A roof coating can be found in local hardware stores. There are numerous types to choose from so it is important that you know your roof’s material and to purchase the right kind of seal roof coating. Also, take into consideration the time of the year and climate conditions of your region. 

Mobile home roof maintenance is a must for homeowners. Water damage can cause serious issues to your mobile home. We all want our manufactured home at its best to give us the comfort and convenience we need. Do not wait for your roof to fall apart before doing a maintenance check. Get started today!

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