Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile Home Skirting Tips and Ideas

If you are looking to upgrade your mobile home skirting, you are in luck! We have listed some tips and ideas for manufactured home skirting. Keep scrolling to find out what type of skirting for a mobile home is perfect for you, and where you can get them!

What is mobile home skirting and why do you need it?

A mobile home is an elevated kind of structure. That means its bottom part is often exposed and vulnerable to outside elements. For this reason, installing home skirting is highly recommended.

Mobile home skirting is a type of covering placed around the bottom of the manufactured house. It doubles as an appearance booster and protection from wild animals seeking shelter. It is made of a lightweight material covering the entire perimeter of the house.

With a manufactured home skirting in place, mobile house owners can relax and have peace of mind. 

  • Installing the skirting makes the property more organized and appealing, hence increasing its value
  • Help insulate the mobile home
  • Serve as protection from outside elements that could potentially cause damage to the insulation, vents, pipes, and other systems connected to the house. 
  • Keep the snow during winter out from under the manufactured home
  • Prevent mold growth from occurring that could trigger health issues like allergies and asthma
  • Act as a barrier for wild animals and pests that are looking to shelter under the mobile house

How much material do you need?

Purchasing a skirting for your manufactured home can be quite confusing. The amount of material that will be used can be determined by:

  • Getting the total parameter of the manufactured home

To compute for this, all you need to do is add up all the sides of the house. Include the length of any extensions such as decks or porches.


  • Getting the average height off the ground

To find the height, go to the corners of the
mobile house and measure the space between the ground and the bottom of the structure. This can be tricky, especially when the mobile home is not leveled.

What kind of skirting should you use and where to get it?

When it comes to the type of skirting to use, the most common are made from metal, concrete, wood, and vinyl. What you will use will basically depend on what you want. However, you should also take into consideration the climate you are in.

For example, in states that have the tendency to experience heavy rainfall, using vinyl paneling is the best option. That is because it’s moisture resistant and will not be easily damaged by rusting.

Concrete skirting panels are pest and rot-resistant. It will be able to conceal completely the space below your mobile home. However, concrete skirting takes more time to build.

On the other hand, mobile homes located in states that have more sunny, fun days, can use either lattice skirts or simple, cheaper skirting like vinyl.

Some people prefer vinyl skirting for their mobile homes because:


  • It is easy to install
  • It is Inexpensive
  • It can be styled easily
  • It is resistant to rot or mold growth
  • It is easy to repair or change
  • It comes in different textures and patterns


A stucco skirting is also typically used by mobile homeowners or a mobile home seller trying to improve the appearance of the manufactured home. This type of home skirting is more expensive and complicated to install.

Mobile Home Skirting Availability

Unless you have a mobile home parts distributor near your home, finding skirting will be a challenge. Skirting is not typically sold at your local hardware store or at the major stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. If you only need a few pieces, check with your park manager to see if they have anything in storage. Oftentimes, the maintenance staff will be more than happy to provide you with used skirting.

If you are still unsure where to purchase these materials, Mobile Home Parts Store is a place to get your manufactured home skirting supplies online. It is a great shop to get your mobile home skirting needs – it is easy to search, less hassle, and really, a one-stop-shop. See products on sale!

Have easy access

Many people do an excellent job when it comes to planning and putting covering for their mobile home. However, some people fail to plan for how they can maintain access to space below which harbors insulation, vents, and systems for water and power supply.

Remember that vital structural components of your home are set up underneath. There should always be an access door for the space below your manufactured house.

By giving your property the mobile home skirting it deserves, you are not only increasing its appearance and value but also minimizing future problems like pipes and vents getting damaged. If you enjoyed these mobile home skirting tips and ideas, we have more for you! Stick around and you might find something interesting.