MOTOR VEHICLE HACKS – Avoid the Dreadful Waste of Time When You Buy or Sell Your Manufactured Home and Have to Change the Title in Colorado

Hello there,

Whether you sell your mobile home in Colorado or buy a mobile home for sale in Colorado, you’re going to have to visit the county Motor Vehicle Services (MVS).  Depending on which county your manufactured home is in, you may either have to wait on line for hours or minutes.  The experience at every county office is completely different.

Let’s face it, sitting at the Motor Vehicle Services is almost as bad as waiting on line at the post office.  It really can’t get any more draining than that place.  Although, some counties are by far WAY quicker than others.  There’s been times where we’ve waited only 30 minutes to have our paperwork processed.  Then, there’s been times where we’ve waited nearly 5 hours to officially sell or buy our manufactured home.

Anytime you’re waiting over an hour, you’ve wasted a good portion of the waking day.  Chances are, you had to take off from work, so it’s not like it’s a vacation day either.

Thankfully, those dreadful days at the MVS can be avoided with some calculated steps and a little luck on your side.  We’ve changed title for mobile homes in Colorado many times.  Heck, it’s our job!

Here’s a few pro tips when changing your mobile home title in Colorado:

1- Avoid going to the DMV on Mondays and Fridays

If there is one thing that you can guarantee for yourself at the MVS, it’s long waiting hours during Mondays and Fridays.  When you change ownership to a vehicle in Colorado, you only have to change the title, but if you buyer or sell a trailer home, then you have to take additional steps to register the new owners name on the property taxes.  Therefore, the process is a little bit more dragged out than what is usual, if you’re only used to buying or selling a car in Colorado.

That said, (for some reason), everyone thinks that the best time to go to MVS is at the beginning and end of the week.  If you’re taking the day off to go to the MVS, do yourself a favor and take off during the middle of the week to change the title on your manufactured home.  The lines will be much shorter.  And believe me, there is no such thing as a long weekend, if you take the day off at the MVS during the beginning or end of the week.

2- Especially Avoid Going To the MVS Before or After a Holiday

If you think a Monday or Friday is bad, try going before a holiday or after a extended holiday weekend.  WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO BEFORE OR AFTER A HOLIDAY.

3- Always Grab aaNumerical Ticket In Advance

Some counties will have you wait in line when you change your mobile home title.  It’s a vital step to processing home titles in an orderly fashion.  Unfortunately with mobile home’s in Colorado, you’re making more than one stop.  Generally, you’ll first have to go to the county treasures office to pay the property taxes and to change the manufactured home property to your name.

So after that is done, you then go to the MVS to wait in line.  Normally this is when you should grab your ticket, however we’ve found that it can save you so much time to print the ticket immediately before going to the treasurers office.  If you’re lucky, once your done with the property taxes, you’ll go to the MVS and your number may be in line to be called up soon.  Might as well follow the process and have time work to your advantage, rather than waiting over and over again.

4- Always Have a Credit Card and Checkbook Available

On a daily basis, there’s folks who seem to forget that they have to pay for changing their title, recording or paying the taxes for a manufactured home.  We always make sure that we have all of our payment options available, so we don’t have to come back, go to the car and wait all over again.

5- Always Have Your Drivers License

You won’t be able to change the title of your manufactured home without any form of identification.  It’s just not possible.  You’ll be asked to show I.D. at nearly every stage of the title changing process.

6- Make Sure the Sellers Signature is Identical to What is Printed On the Title

You’ll have a very hard time explaining to the county who the person that sold you the home is.  They’ll end up telling you that it’s not the owner, even though it may really be.  Name changes are very common, especially with women.

7- Go Early in the Morning

If you can get to the MVS as early as possible the better.  MVS workers just seems a little happier and more helpful at this time of the day (as well as more energized).  Plus, mostly everybody is still sleeping in and with plans on changing their mobile home titles later in the day.  The lines are very small early in the morning.  You’ll cut your visit off in half.