If you’re looking to downsize, live near family or just get closer to Denver then the perfect home for you has finally arrived!


What makes this home better than any comparable home on the market is its proximity to Denver and the fact that it’s located in a private, adult community.  The community is in a very safe, quiet part of town.  There’s no dogs howling late at night and no loud families nearby.  This is the affordable home that you’ve been searching for!


Another item that makes this home superb is that it was only built in 1999 and in excellent shape.  After you move into this home, you won’t have to do much to the property.  It’s “certified” move-in ready!
And as you know, most homes available now need a lot of work…


The two rooms can easily fit queen size beds.  The master bathroom has a large tub with a detached shower.   The 2nd bathroom has a full tub and shower and is perfect for your grandchildren or any guests that stay over.
The kitchen and living room are also spacious enough for your guests to feel comfortable when visiting your house during the holidays.  On top of that, the kitchen comes with matching appliances that are in great working shape.


Outside the house is a carport that can easily fit two cars.  The shed is very sturdy and smells fresh (like it was never used).  There’s even a little storage area behind the house. The shingles on the roof have plenty of years ahead of them.  This home has never had leaks!


During summer months you can enjoy a nice outdoor pool and clubhouse that’s only a short walk from the house.  Other park activities include: line dancing, social gatherings in the fireplace room, crafts, puzzles and bingo.



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