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“I had been trying to sell my mother’s mobile home myself for about 6-8 weeks. Moving an elderly parent to a senior home is hard enough without having to deal with a property you cannot seem to move. The park was an over 55 community, that also does not allow dogs. This somewhat limits prospects. I had shown the place over 30 times, had lots of “stories” of interest. I also had two cash offers that fell through.

Dan called me the day after the last cash offer fell through on the way to the bank! I was really frustrated and exhausted. We needed to get this home sold, so mom could afford her new place and move on with her life. We were approaching winter, which brought on lots of angst for our families, who were paying to cover the cost of not selling.

I cannot say enough about Dan, his professionalism, his promptness and how comfortable he made me feel. I was able to let him completely take over. He very appropriately kept me posted, but did not stress me with every detail. He got the amount we needed out of the property and took care of all the communication and paperwork! He actually accomplished this within the timeframe he had estimated it would take!!

I would highly recommend using Dan and removing yourself from the hassle and frustration of selling yourself!! I am certainly glad that we did!” – KAY

“As a general contractor working with Dan I can say this, he does things right. He does not take short cuts to save money rather he would rather spend the extra buck to do it right. He’s a class act as far as we are concerned at American West Roofing & Construction.” – BARRY