7 Mobile Home Landscaping Tips

A beautiful landscape is something you should consider before you sell your mobile home. Doing so will make your property more valuable. If you are looking for landscaping ideas, we got you covered! We have put together a list of mobile home landscaping tips that will give you the information you need when doing a landscaping project.

Mobile homes have simple shapes, which can be boring for some people. Giving your yard an upgrade will give it a fresh new look. These landscaping ideas for mobile homes should help you transform your property into an undeniably beautiful space.


7 Mobile Home Landscaping Tips

Tip # 1

Keep in mind that the first step when improving your lawn is always planning a layout. Whether you do the project yourself or hire a landscaping company, you need to have a clear and detailed plan. Before you sell your manufactured home, when you finally decide to, you realize that a carefully planned lawn is a great idea.

Plan for a year-round appeal. Decide what you want and what the primary purpose of the renovation is. With a plan in your hand, you will turn your designs into reality. Not having a design layout and a concrete plan of action can cause a total waste of time and money.

Tip # 2

Landscape your manufactured home like a pro by planning the placement of your plants. Consider annual plants and flowers that survive year-round and with low maintenance. Some examples include the Golden Sword and shrubs like Japanese Pieris.

Avoid placing trees near your manufactured home because they can wreak havoc on the mobile home foundation system. Trees have large roots that can damage the structure of the property and can even damage underground plumbing.

Unlike trees, small plants can be placed near your home. It is even highly recommended to arrange plants near your mobile home, especially if the structure looks plain or has pointy or sharp edges. Some greens and colors near the house will make the property more inviting and help soften the strong facade.

Tip # 3

Know the restrictions you will have to deal with. Some states enforce strict guidelines for the water system. There could also be city restrictions regarding the style and materials you can use. It is always better to do the project right and follow the city codes to avoid future problems.

Before you get your property valued and before you sell your mobile home, spending a good amount of strategic repair or makeover is not such a bad idea. Remember that homebuyers will not be happy when they learn that you have carried out any improvements on existing policies that will make them pay fines.

Landscaping around mobile homes will boost its appeal. Such improvement will allow you to raise your price for when a Colorado manufactured home buyer comes along. But you must always pattern your landscaping plan on the city ordinances.

Tip # 4

A personal touch is never out of style. Add bits and pieces of design that represent you and what you like.

  • One idea is to add a garden. Putting plants you love can make the outside of your mobile home appear like an oasis. They add diversity to the appeal of your property.

You can either create a portable garden with small leafy vegetables to make the surroundings more lively or create raised beds that will boast great small plants and bright flowers that will make heads turn.


  • Building a path walk that connects your front and back yard is another great idea. The walkway is a critical feature of landscape designs. It unites the house to the outdoors and provides a sense of organization and artistic division between spaces. One good way to improve this area is by utilizing landscape lights. You may need to hire an electrician nearby to get your lighting set up. 
Tip # 5

Natural phenomena such as hail or droughts can have a disastrous impact on your mobile home landscaping. You can prepare your lawn from getting damaged by using the best materials for the changing weather.

While it is difficult to weatherproof your lawn completely, there are some ways you can do to ensure your lawn is secured whenever the climate changes.

  • Do deep root fertilization. This is a process where liquid fertilizer is injected into the soil near plants and trees to give them enough nutrients and oxygen.
  • If you have trees, consider pruning and bracing them to lessen the risk of trees falling over strong winds. Having a good pruner will simplify the process. 

Diving into a mobile home landscaping project may take time, but it will all be worth the effort and expenses.  And before you sell your mobile home, if you are planning to, it is always a good idea to make some home improvements to increase the value of the property.

When you sell a manufactured home, you should always seek a professional for guidance. Colorado Mobile Homes can work with you in one of two ways. If you’re looking to bypass having to make any upgrades or need to sell in a hurry, then we can just give you a cash offer for your mobile home. If you’re not in a rush and want to earn the highest amount for your home, then we also offer manufactured home listing services. In either scenario, having professional assistance will truly make the home sale experience much easier.