Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

Colorado is renowned for its diverse weather conditions throughout the year. So, keeping your mobile home in its tip-top shape is crucial to ensure optimal comfort and protection during summertime. In this guide, you will learn the complete essential summer maintenance checklist for your mobile home that will help you to have relaxing, stress-free warm days and cool nights. We will cover HVAC maintenance, plumbing, roof repair, and more!


Mobile Home Exterior Cleaning

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

The exterior of your Colorado mobile home enhances the overall curb appeal of the property. But not only that, keeping a well-maintained exterior will help increase the durability of your mobile home.

  • Check the mobile home siding for dirt or mold buildup. Pressure wash the walls if needed.
  • Dirt and dust can also accumulate on the windows and doors. Use non-abrasive glass cleaner when removing dirt. If you are looking for an eco-friendly window and glass cleaner for removing stains, fingerprints, and smudges, check out the Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle.
  • Mobile home awnings or canopies are some of the most common exterior upgrades. Check if there are any signs of tears or water pooling and clean debris that may cause damage.


Mobile Home Landscaping


Landscaping plays a vital role in the overall maintenance of your mobile home. Trees, shrubs, or hedges enhance the outdoor space, provide shade during summertime, and minimize noise. A well-kept landscape around your mobile home will also prevent soil erosion, water pooling near the home, and contribute to having cleaner air. Here are some mobile home landscaping maintenance tips for the summertime:

  • Trim the shrubs and bushes around the mobile home and keep the grass neatly mowed. Performing this task regularly will reduce the chances of attracting unwanted pests.
  • Set up a proper irrigation and sprinkler system for your landscaping. This will help conserve water, ensure the health of the plants, and minimize soil erosion. For a sprinkler system that has superior range control of up to 3600 sq. ft., we recommend the Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Oscillating Sprinkler. It comes with an adjustable spray and 16 clog-resistant nozzles. This product is also suitable for standard garden hose connections.
  • Colorado is known for its changing weather, so sometimes it can rain during summertime. Install drainage solutions to avoid water from accumulating around your mobile home. 


Mobile Home Deck and Patio Maintenance


Decks and patios are other popular additions to mobile homes. They provide extra outdoor space for mobile homeowners to relax and gather during summer. These mobile home maintenance for decks and patios will produce great results: 

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

  • Remove debris from your mobile home deck by sweeping and washing the surface.
  • Applying a new stain or sealer to the mobile home deck will protect it from heat and outdoor elements. Staining mobile home decks and filling gaps also minimizes issues such as fading and warping. Need to repair the cracks or warps on your mobile home deck? Consider the Gorilla All Purpose Wood Filler. This is the go-to product for many mobile homeowners who need to repair cracks, gouges, and holes. 
  • Check the railings and steps for loose screws or missing parts. If a section of your mobile home patio is damaged, repair or replace the boards immediately to avoid accidents.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and decorations. Make sure the cushions, pillows, and other accessories are dry and clean so as not to attract pests. 


Mobile Home Roof Repair


A sturdy mobile home roof is vital to keep you away from harsh outdoor elements such as debris. So, prioritizing roof maintenance for the summertime is important for the well-being and security of your family.


  • Conduct a thorough visual mobile home roof inspection to identify any signs of immediate repair or debris stuck that may cause damage to the roof. Identify any signs of sagging, cracks, or missing shingles. Contact a professional Colorado roofer to repair any damages found.
  • Clear any debris such as tree branches or leaves that accumulated on the mobile home gutter and downspouts. These kinds of debris trap moisture on which molds and mildew grow. Obstructions also prevent proper drainage of water.
  • Replace missing or damaged shingles promptly. Do not delay in repairing your mobile home roof or the damage can get bigger and become a source of leakages.


If you haven’t already, check out these Mobile Home Roof Seals where we recommend the best practices for mobile home roof maintenance and the best roof seal products. Sealing a mobile home roof is a proactive measure that will significantly improve the durability of your mobile home roof. 

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile HomeSeal coat for mobile home roofs provides great protection from changing weather conditions and outdoor elements. One highly recommended product for mobile home roof seal coating is the Henry TropiCool Roof Coat. It is easy to apply and dry and will create a thick layer on your mobile home roof.  Another great option is the Kool Seal Elastomeric Finish Coat, which is rubber-like and stretchy once dried, thus offering superior waterproofing and UV resistance. To see the complete list of roof seal coating products that have the most benefit to mobile homes, be sure to read our blog post.


Mobile Home Safety and Security

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

Keeping you and your family safe at home is of utmost importance. Several accidents happen especially during summer due to increased gatherings and activities both indoors and outdoors. Make your mobile home safe and secure with these mobile home maintenance: 

  • Fire hazards and mobile home electrical-related accidents are often more likely during summertime. Make sure your mobile home’s electrical wiring is properly connected or upgraded if necessary to avoid electrical shocks or risks of fire. Consult with a professional Colorado electrician when upgrading wires or doing home rewiring tasks.
  • Install adequate outdoor lighting to enhance visibility at night. This will prevent trips and falls as well as deter criminal activity. 
  • Inspect or install smoke detectors and replace the batteries if needed. If you have not installed this device in your kitchen and other strategic areas of your home, the First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector is a great option. This product is designed with an ionization sensor that detects smoke fast and alerts with an 85-decibel alarm. It is a trusted brand used in many Colorado mobile homes.
  • Place fire extinguishers around your home, especially in the kitchen area.


Mobile Home HVAC Maintenance


The HVAC system plays a crucial part in keeping homes comfortable, especially during summer. When ensuring that your mobile home HVAC is running smoothly, consider doing the following:

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

  • Clean the air filters and the outdoor unit regularly to maintain proper airflow and enhance indoor air quality. Air filters must be replaced every 1 – 3 months of use. It is also crucial to remove any obstructions from the unit with a soft-bristle brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. 
  • Inspect the vents and ductwork. Check for possible loose connections that can cause leaks or damage. Seal the gaps using sealant to prevent the air from escaping. 
  • Adjust the settings of the thermostat. Invest in a smart thermostat to enable customized schedules and energy-saving features. This Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns and adapts to your schedule. Going away? It can be conveniently controlled through the Nest app to adjust the temperature and save energy while away from home.


Remember to regularly perform these HVAC maintenance tasks to keep your mobile home cool and comfortable during summer. If it is necessary, call on expert Colorado electricians to inspect and repair your HVAC system. 


Mobile Home Pest Control

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

Colorado mobile homes are not exempt from pest infestations, especially during the summertime when the warm weather is favorable for insects and pests to thrive. When it comes to pest control, the key is always to be proactive. It is also essential to have the right cleaning products and knowledge at your disposal. It makes mobile home pest control tasks efficient.

  • To avoid pests from getting into your home, it is important to seal every entry point, gap, or crack. Inspect your windows, doors, and sides for any gaps or cracks where pests may enter. Use a caulk to seal windows and weather stripping products to seal the door gaps. Check out this Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper which acts as a door sweep for noise insulation and prevents cold from escaping during summer.

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

  • Remove anything that may attract pests such as rotten food and trash. Always use an airtight container for leftovers to avoid attracting flies or ants. 
  • Have pest or ant killer products ready to effectively manage infestation in your home. This TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer is a great ant-repellent. Set baits in different areas, corners, and counters of your mobile home.
  • Disinfect your kitchen area, pantry, and bathrooms. 


Mobile Home Windows and Doors Maintenance


Maintaining the doors and windows is vital not only for functionality but for security and energy efficiency as well. Making sure they are working properly will keep your mobile home secured and comfortable. 


  • Inspect the windows and doors. Replace broken glass or window panes promptly to improve insulation and avoid accidents.
  • If you are hearing cracking sounds when opening doors, there may be loose screws that need tightening. Old hinges and locks should either be replaced or lubricated to function properly.

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

Summertime is a good time to have windows or doors open to let the light and fresh air in. Do you want to open your doors, but are afraid that flies may come and invade your space? This Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door is a good and inexpensive mobile home upgrade. It has 26 powerful magnets in the middle seam so you can enter or exit your home with ease even if your hands are full. It is perfect for keeping natural light and fresh air in and bugs away!


Mobile Home Ventilation and Insulation

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

Proper ventilation and insulation are critical for having a comfortable home, especially when the temperature rises. Have the necessary cleaning products and follow these best practices for keeping your mobile home vents in tip-top shape.


  • Inspect and clean the mobile home vent system regularly. Clear off dirt and dust from the exhaust fans. 
  • Check your kitchen range hood. Remove the dirt and grease from the exhaust hood filters to allow proper air circulation in the kitchen area. 
  • Making sure your floor registers are durable and can accommodate the HVAC system layouts is another important maintenance task. Mobile homes either have ceiling or floor registers. Either can become obstructed with dirt and small objects, thus it is vital to inspect them regularly. If you need to install or replace yours, the Decor Grates AJH410-BLK Oriental Floor Register is easy to install, made of high-impact polystyrene, and comes in a variety of styles.
  • Check your mobile home insulation. Insulation thickness depends on the specifics of the mobile home, weather conditions, and local codes. For places with colder temperatures such as Colorado, mobile homes should have at least R-30 insulation in the ceiling and R-19 insulation in the walls. Add more insulation where necessary to help maintain a cool indoor temperature.


Remember that when in doubt about repairing, replacing, or inspecting mobile home ventilation and insulation, it is best to call a professional.


Mobile Home Plumbing

Essential Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Mobile Home

A mobile home drainage system is a crucial part of your entire property. Issues with mobile home plumbing systems are one of the most stressful to deal with. So, having a properly working plumbing and drainage system will help ensure a stress-free life. Here is what you should do to maintain your mobile home drain system:


  • Inspect all the pipes and faucets for leaks or loose connections. Replace damaged components to prevent further issues or racking up high water bills.
  • Monitor the pipes regularly to determine any signs of overheating, leaks, or damage and perform the needed steps to prevent further problems.
  • Clogged drains can disrupt daily routines. Clear blockages in the drain using cleaning products or drain snakes. Having a drain tool such as the 25-inch Hair Drain Clog Remover Tool is essential for keeping plumbing and drain systems free of sediment buildup. It has good flexibility which makes it easy to bend and fit in different kinds of strainers and pipes.




Effective mobile home maintenance should cover the entire property. So when doing maintenance on your Colorado mobile home, it is crucial to address not only the interior but also the exterior aspects. That may involve inspections and repairs of plumbing and electrical systems, roof, windows, and siding. 


By going through these essential summer maintenance checklists for your mobile home, you are creating a safe and comfortable environment for your family. These measures will ensure your family can fully relax and enjoy your summer, even in the comfort of your Colorado mobile home. Have questions about mobile homes in Colorado? We are here to help you in any way we can!