7 Reasons To Sell Your Manufactured Home As-Is

Every home is precious. More often than not, it is considered one of the largest assets anyone can own in their lifetime. However, special as they seem, there may still come a point when selling your manufactured home is necessary. For those who are planning to sell their own home, finding a sure buyer as fast as possible is important, especially if there is a time crunch on buying a new home or getting a new mortgage. Because of this intent, a lot of manufactured home sellers are lured to spending extra money to renovate or beautify their homes just to entice more potential buyers in the market.

While house repair or beautification helps raise the market value of mobile homes for sale in Denver, Colorado and other areas, not everyone has the extra funds to spare for it. The good news is, a quick sale is still possible in a non traditional sense. For instance, getting the appropriate help from a getting assistance from a reputable manufactured home dealer such as, Colorado Mobile homes, will give you instant access to the buying market, thereby making it easier for you to connect with more mobile home buyers without having to spend for repair and renovation.

If spending money for home repair seems necessary, hold back; know these top seven reasons why you should consider to sell your used mobile home as is:

1- Cash buyers are everywhere. Cash is king. Thus, surely the number of people keeping cash in their own cases is still high. And surely, potential buyers eyeing on your house are gonna pay right away if they are firmly interested with your property; cash buyers included. Without bank involvement in your selling transaction, your home may change its owner in just a couple of eye blinks. Most likely by then, you will realize how spending extra for renovation was never necessary.

2- Repairs and renovations may mean higher return of investment, or may not. The highest ROI rate from repairs and renovations of your used mobile home for sale in Colorado can be 100%. But the road to that is not smooth like you think. In fact, it takes experience, knowledge, and proper decision making to ensure a full hold of such income opportunity. For instance, if your property is old, the likeliness of ROI is relatively lower. Depending on the age & size of your home, you may only be limiting yourself to a cash buyer only pool.  That is no banks will touch your home and that could be a problem if you’re heavily invested into it.

3- You have the control whether to cover the realtor fees or not. Selling your home as is can be likened to owning full control of the whole selling process. If you have not incurred additional expense for its renovation, you will not be dealing with the pressure of getting a return of investment. Being free from that kind of burden, you can easily decide whether to seek help from a real estate broker or not. And if you are to choose the latter, you will no longer have to worry about broker fees.

Fortunately, even without the help of a professional realtor, you can still get to experience the feeling of having one by accessing sites that offer realty services for a cheaper cost. Or better yet, you can resort to a much cheaper option that is rudimentary.  With it, you will be able to list your mobile home for free; costing you nothing, not even a single cent.

4-  You can seal the deal at a cheaper cost. There are other costs such as transfer of  taxes, title, outstanding liens that you can actually charge to the buyer if you sell your house as is. Without the presence of lenders, there are savings that await you – both in money and time. In this arrangement, you are surely get enjoy the return of investment you deserve.

5- The transaction can be closed at a much nearer time. Selling your house as is is like selling it to a real estate investor without the influence of realtors which can only delay your return on investment for at least a month longer. That is something mobile home deaelrs in Colorado, such as Colorado Mobile Homes often do. If you are lucky enough to have a buyer that buys in cash, you can easily put the deal to bed.

6- Selling your home as is is the best way to prevent foreclosure. If you are aiming to sell your mobile home fast, selling it to a real estate investor is the right way to prevent foreclosure more often than not contrary to dealing it to a realtor whose processing takes usually a month or more.

7- It’s fast! But more than time, it is about the extra money you can save. Not only it is quicker, it is also easier and far more convenient, and stress free.

Colorado Mobile Homes is the premiere cash buyer for mobile and manufactured homes in Colorado.  We believe in win-win situations for our sellers.  If you don’t walk away feeling happy, then we know we haven’t done our job.

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