Leveling Your Mobile Home

If you are a manufactured home buyer or want to be a successful mobile home seller, then leveling your mobile home should be one of the first things you look into. Mobile homes with foundation problems can either be very scary to live in or cause problems when remodeling. 


An unleveled mobile home is typically due to the soil that is blocking the mobile home foundation. Over the years, manufactured homes start to settle and begin to show signs of jaggedness. The gaps it creates cause cracks on the walls and it makes the floorboards squeak.


So, it is critical to always conduct a mobile home inspection and mobile home repairs when necessary. Here’s what you need to know.


Why is leveling your manufactured home important?


Not performing the necessary adjustments to make the mobile home leveled can potentially lead to a much bigger and more expensive problem in the future. Your floors could completely sink to the ground, or worse, make the whole home collapse. This is very frustrating to deal with.


As a mobile home seller, doing an inspection and repair to the manufactured home is imperative not just to increase the value of the property, but to ensure it is livable. Some signs you should be wary about include:


  • The sinking of the mobile home foundation
  • Floorboards getting saggy towards one spot, usually on the center
  • Interior doors and windows jamming


Leveling your mobile home is not a job that you should trifle with on your own. The best solution to this common mobile home problem is to hire a mobile home leveling company that has the experience to repair damages. That way, you know that professionals are choosing the best solution. 


Where to begin?


First of all, you need to know the type of manufactured home you own.


  • A single wide mobile home is a one, long-section kind of manufactured house. Depending on its length and width, a single wide can either be compact and perfect for one to two people or it can be very spacious, which is great for big families. 
  • A double-wide mobile home is a type of manufactured home that has two similar sections that have been joined together seamlessly to create a rectangular space.
  • The triple-wide mobile home consists of three sections to produce more space. It is often well over 3,000 square feet that can accommodate multiple rooms and baths.


Although hiring professional contractors is the best choice when dealing with leveling a mobile home, it is important that you are aware of the processes and terms that they use so that you can avoid paying for unnecessary or unrelated work.


It is also worth noting that when working with a re-leveler company, you should ask them to do a thorough inspection of the foundation of the mobile home. That includes examining the steel frames, slats, bolts, and nuts. They should also patch up any issues before moving forward with leveling.


How much does leveling cost?


It is definitely difficult to re-level a sagging floor. The repair cost will be based upon the location of the mobile home and the type of foundation it has. The typical pricing for mobile home leveling ranges from:


  • $450 – $550 for single wide leveling
  • $800 – $950 for double-wide leveling. This usually includes the necessary re-adjustments or replacements of structural materials.
  • $900 – $999 for triple wide leveling.


Leveling a mobile home may take a day or even a few days, depending on how serious the situation is and there may be other factors that could impede the process. That includes careful planning on how to avoid damaging the structural components further.


A faulty foundation is never fun. If you are a manufactured home buyer, be sure to level your mobile home from the beginning. Find the best mobile home leveling company that can provide the services you need. 


If you are a manufactured house owner, living in an old mobile home, call a professional to do the re-leveling job for you. Over time, as materials start to deteriorate, they become fragile. It is best to let seasoned contractors handle the problem.


Leveling is not something to be ignored. A mobile home owner or a mobile home seller should not be scared to tackle such an issue. Instead, hire professionals to deal with the problem right away to ensure you are getting the best quality of living from your manufactured home.


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