Mobile Home Plumbing Issues

If you are buying a mobile home, the last thing you would want to encounter in your new property is sewage blockage. Foul odors, leaks, and backflow are all manufactured home plumbing problems that need to be corrected immediately.

In this article, we have enlisted some inevitable plumbing issues that you might have to deal with. Blockages from tree roots, clothing, toys, and other odd objects often cause plumbing problems. Ensure that the septic line is clear from debris by doing inspection and maintenance, as well as being wary of the following:


Plumbing Noises

Low water pressure is the most common reason for the hissing or whistling noises coming from your pipelines. Loud noises can be an indicator of issues in the waterline system such as broken connections or blocked pipes.

As a mobile home buyer, one thing you should expect from the manufactured house is a fully working water system. Unfortunately, the plumbing system can become dilapidated over time. And the seemingly random thumping sound is actually a sign of loose joists and studs.

Low Water Pressure

There are numerous reasons for a mobile home to encounter plumbing issues. If installing a modified shower head, water control, and valves are not cutting it, there must be a problem with the plumbing pipelines.

Traditional houses and manufactured homes have slight differences when it comes to the water lines. Instead of plumbing pipes routed within the walls, mobile homes have theirs under the floor. That setup can contribute to the low water pressure.

Other most common reasons for low water pressure include clogs, leaks, and mineral build-up in the pipes. The wrong size of pipes and joints might also be causing the problem.

Check and clean the water pipelines. Investigate flow restriction by turning off appliances using water and then partially closing the supply valve to see how the water will flow in the faucet and shower. In most cases, you will need to hire a professional plumber to locate the leak or clogs.

Stinky Odors

The foul odor in your mobile home is not only unpleasant but embarrassing too, especially when you have guests. A sewer-like stinky odor emanating from your plumbing system hints at problems in the vents or sewer lines.

First of all, what you need to do is to find where the stinky smell is coming from.  Depending on the severity of the musty smell, you can use a chemical solution to get rid of the odor. If the foul odor persists, you will need to seek the assistance of professionals to inspect the sewer and drainage systems.

Pipe Leakages

Finding a water puddle inside your manufactured home is never a good sight. That could mean the water lines are broken or have a leakage. Worn-out pipe connections are often the usual reason for this mobile home plumbing issue.

Slow Drainage

Another big inconvenience caused by plumbing problems is slow drainage. Clogged sinks and shower drain are some of the usual issues homeowners encounter in their house. Soap residue, toys, and food debris are often the culprit for clogged drains.

A minor issue could easily escalate into a costly plumbing problem. When drains get blocked, it instantly creates a major disturbance in the day-to-day living. Avoid poorly functioning sinks and drains by dissolving the grease using a cleaning solution for unclogging the pipes with a plunger.

Water Backflow

Different factors are associated with water backflow. This is a serious issue. It is a nightmare that needs to be resolved properly by a professional or experienced plumber.

Water backflow typically occurs when there is a sudden drop or loss of water pressure. So instead of the water flowing down, it is being sucked back to the system.

Frozen Pipes

Mobile homes in Colorado are highly susceptible to winter freezing. You’ll know that your pipes are frozen, once you start to run the water and it trickles out. Another way to tell is if your water won’t drain properly. While those issues might not sound alarming, the real problem with freezing happens when the pipes expand and create leaks that can saturate and damage the flooring. Preventing frozen mobile home pipes is essential to every manufactured homeowner.

Mobile home plumbing issues can be quite frustrating, especially when they take too much time to fix. If you are about to become a new mobile homeowner, being plagued with these plumbing issues can definitely downgrade your quality of life. And it will take away time from your already hectic and busy life.

Clogged Sewer Lines

At some manufactured home communities in Colorado, there may be a shared underground sewer line system between a row of houses. If you share a sewer line with your neighbors then you’ll also have to hope that they don’t flush unordinary objects down the drain. We’ve seen objects such as clothing, condoms, paper towels, garbage, and toys get flushed down the toilet. Any “tough” object that is hard to break down will clog the sewer line.

Even a tree root will clog a sewer line. If the park management hasn’t cleaned out their sewer lines with a rooter device, then the roots are going to continue to grow. In fact, we learned this the hard way!

After remodeling a manufactured home and installing new floors, our shared sewer line began to backup. We had tree roots that grew big enough to clog the drainage line and so every time our neighbors flushed their toilets, we had grey water back up into our toilets. Thankfully, we caught the issue in time and had it fixed by a professional. Clogged sewer lines are a common issue that can affect a mobile home. If you’re buying a vacant home or redoing your floors, then it pays to hire a professional to scope out your line and clear it if needed.


These are the common plumbing issues that you may face as a manufactured homeowner. If you’re tired of maintaining your manufactured home, then give us a call today.
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