Mobile Home Rental Scam In Colorado

We get a lot of phone calls from folks looking to rent our homes.  Finding an affordable rental property around the front range is nearly impossible.  We get it.

Truth is, most manufactured home communities around the state are moving away from the rental home model.  It’s cheaper for parks to sell their existing homes to people looking to become a home owners.   As a result, most parks are even moving away from allowing investors to rent out their properties, as they want to instill “pride of ownership.”  They can do this when the housing market is as strong as we have in Colorado.

So, with that being said, more and more people are looking for homes to rent, as the housing crisis ensues.  It’s hard to find a good deal and when a good deal is presented, it’s you’ve got to be fast to jump on it.

However, when searching for rental properties, most people go on Craigslist.  And it’s sad to report that mobile home renters are being targeted by scam artists online.  Be weary folks.

Today, I received two calls from different potential renter that were being preyed on by scammers.  They were kind enough to share the email dialog with me and all I could do was shake my head.  The scammers were quick to rush their victims.  Luckily, these victims felt something fishy, so they did their homework and wanted to confirm that our properties were indeed rentals.

When I read the dialog, each “landlord” sounded the same.  They were quick to put pressure on their victims.  They consistently insisted that they’d lose out on the property if they didn’t send over a security deposit.  They also mentioned several times in the dialog that they were too busy to respond to concerns because they were busy at church or on a missionary.

Why did these potential renters call me?  Well, two different properties that we currently have for sale have been used as “rental” opportunities from out of state landlords.  These scammers have stolen our images and are using them on people who are desperate for affordable housing.  They’ve gone so far that they’ve produced fake leases and given money wire instructions (“for keys”).

Don’t be fooled my friends.  I know how stressful  it is to find safe housing.  If something sounds too good to be true in the Colorado manufactured home rental market, then there is a strong chance that it could be a scam.

The best way to avoid issues is to  get the address and look up the property owner from the county records.  If a scammers story doesn’t match up, then it’s probably just b.s.  Also, remember that there just aren’t many parks that even accept this form of housing anymore.

Be safe people.