Mobile Home Storage: 20 Products That You Need

It doesn’t hurt to have all the things you need at home to be prepared for the unexpected. However, living in a mobile home can be limiting when it comes to space. Most homeowners tend to have mobile home storage problems. To combat this, most manufactured homeowners rely on ingenuity to get creative to get organized.

We’ve seen a lot of homes can attest to the cleverness of some mobile homeowners. However, we wanted to take an easier route and provide you with some ideas to remove clutter and maximize space.

Here Are 20 Products That You Need To Combat Mobile Home Storage Problems


From small knick-knacks that we can’t get rid of to large furniture and appliances that take up so much space, living comfortably in your mobile home can quickly be blown out the window. But just because your house is small doesn’t mean that there is not enough space for things that could make your place feel cozier.


These essential mobile home solutions we listed below are versatile and boost space. They are sure to give you the extra space you need. Continue reading and discover the space-saving products you didn’t know you needed.  


1. Foldable Portable Desk


It is important to keep your work and personal space at home separate. If you do not have the extra room to serve as an office or an area in your bedroom to set up a big desk, you might end up bringing work to the dining table. This is where the foldable portable desk comes in. 


The solution to your desk problem is a compact and neat foldable desk. It can be easily unfolded when you need to do some work at home, and easily folded away once done. This means you don’t have to work from bed or take half the space at your dining table while everyone else is enjoying a  meal.


One product that may transform the way you work at home is the Deskowise foldable desk. Since mobile homes tend to have smaller rooms and tight spaces, this functional piece of furniture definitely comes in handy.


A portable desk for your mobile home is essential to make your work as productive as possible. Still uncertain, or worried about the setup time? While other portable desks can be difficult and clunky when setting up the Deskowise foldable desk sets up in seconds. 


 It is very mobile and made from excellent quality material. 



2. Bar Serving Cart


A great addition to any mobile home is a bar serving cart. A serving trolley is typically used in restaurants and hotels to display or deliver food. Believe it or not, it’s perfect for your mobile home too.


The size of a bar serving cart is perfect for the limited space offered by mobile homes. If your kitchen island is small, a bar chart is the best substitute for countertop space. Put a few of your airtight food storage containers on the bottom, wine glasses, tumblers, and mugs on the middle layer, and cookies on top for kids and guests.


It is also very useful when you have a lot of people at home, especially during the holiday season. Having a mobile wine cart will make you feel more prepared and organized no matter how crazy the celebration gets. However, the drawback is that finding the right one in the vast majority of serving carts is not easy. 


The Haotian bar serving cart is what many Amazon customers recommend. This product is a stylish mobile bar wine cart that has a specific holder for 4 wine bottles. The top shelf can be used as a food tray and is made with a high-quality black powder-coated steel frame and MDF wood printed board. 

 This product is an elegant piece that has substantial room for fun and creativity and would make a great addition to any mobile home.. 


3. Adjustable Storage Cabinet


When you do not have all the space in the world, a cupboard that fits in an underutilized area in your home makes a tremendous difference.  


Finding the right type of cabinet that suits your mobile home can be challenging. Many storage systems don’t have a space-saving design suitable for mobile homes. We have found what we believe is a fantastically designed adjustable storage cabinet that can make the most out of the space you have.


The Cabidor Classic adjustable storage cabinet is a great mobile home storage idea that conceals items beautifully. It is a slim, tall cabinet that offers a large storage area. Hiring the assistance of a handyperson may be needed when assembling the cabinets.


The mobile home kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office spaces are areas that require organization. Because this cabinet product is customizable and adjustable,  it can adapt to your unique storage needs and is the perfect addition to any room.


No matter the size of the home, one of the things that we all need is a storage option that will satisfy a variety of our storage needs. When it comes to mobile home storage, a cabinet that is slim but has a large storage capacity is essential.


4. Mini Projector With Synchronizing Smartphone Screen


Looking for beautiful space-saving living room ideas for your mobile home that will not sacrifice quality and experience? A ‘worth the money’ device you should have is a mini projector. It is not only a space saver, it is a cheaper alternative for streaming your movies. 


It is no secret that appliances and electronic devices like televisions are space hoggers. A product you might be interested in to maximize space is the Elephas mini projector. It projects high-quality sound and pictures and comes with many interesting features. 


This mini projector has a wire and wireless support and works perfectly when mirroring mobile devices so you can enjoy your favorite shows no matter what. The Nintendo Switch connects perfectly with this device as well!


Compared to regular televisions, a mini projector is a light and portable which makes it easier to set up especially when you are the type to do renovations and remodeling every once in a while. Apart from saving space, this mini projector is 4-5 times cheaper than a large screened television!


5. Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack


Dishwashing and drying are part of our daily lives. If you do not have the luxury of a dishwasher in your mobile home, a dish rack with customizable components will help make your life easier when hand-washing dishes. 


Feeling skeptical about an over-the-sink drying rack? Worried that it will make the sink look cluttered? An over-the-sink dish drying rack actually makes dishwashing and the drying process bearable!


Everything in your mobile home kitchen can be organized even without big cabinets and expensive appliances. A compact countertop organizer suspended over the sink is a convenient way to dry the dishes since the water drips directly into the sink drain. Saving energy and time spent on drying items one after the other. Plus, it gives easier access to utensils and kitchenware.


The Basstop over the sink dish drying rack is a space-efficient and sizable product. It has a sturdy steel frame making it an effective way to avoid delicate kitchenware perched precariously. According to Amazon customers, it is an awesome item to have. 


An over-the-sink dish drying rack that accommodates almost all the utensils and cutlery makes the perfect addition to small counter spaces.


Worried that your sink is too small for this dish drying rack, and water will drip onto your countertop? Try the Basstop dish drainer for countertops, this model sits to the side or even in the sink to dry dishes. The swivel drain keeps your counters from getting wet while keeping to our space-saving goal. 




6. Corner Shelf Or Countertop Organizer


Another awesome, essential space-saving product you should have in your home is a corner shelf or countertop organizer for the kitchen, living room, or office. Adding one 3 tier corner shelf in your mobile home can make all the difference. Instantly optimizing your space and changing the interior’s look and feel. 


Fixed shelves imply that cabinets cannot be moved or altered easily. This kind of storage system is ideal for the kitchen and closet since you would want the kitchenware and your clothes to stay uniform and in one place.


On the other hand, a mobile shelving unit such as the Ollieroo 3 tier corner shelf is a space-saving rack that offers multi-usage. Place it in the kitchen to add some more space for the condiments and utensils or in the living room where your card games and books sit. This product is built with recyclable and green material too!


Countertop organizers and corner shelves are great mobile home solutions you can integrate into different areas of the home – kitchen, bathroom, living room, dresser, or bedroom. Coffee lover? This item works well as a stand for all your coffee paraphernalia. 


7. Dual-Purpose Bamboo Stove Top Cover & Countertop Cutting Board


If there is one creative product perfect for the mobile home kitchen, it would be the bamboo stove top cover. It is a practical solution to the lack of counter space in most small to medium size kitchens.


We all know how messy things get when cooking meals, so a multi-purpose, portable, and light accessory will give you spare space to do all the dicing and mincing. And after using the item as a cutting board it can be turned into a stovetop cover to add more general counter space throughout the day.


If you have a small to medium size mobile home kitchen, the Prosumer’s Choice dual-purpose bamboo stovetop cover & countertop cutting board helps avoid all the goopy messes and improve the cooking experience. The product itself is simple to put together and comes with removable legs. The board is pleasing to the eye and has a wide surface to accommodate ingredients.


A chopping board is a fundamental item for the kitchen. But what could be better than a board that doubles as a stovetop cover? With a dual-purpose board, you won’t have to worry about where to store your cutting board.


8. Shower Caddy With Removable Hooks


Ever wonder how you can organize your soaps, bath sponge, and washcloth in your mobile home bathroom? Here is an idea: get a no drilling, simple to install removable shower organizer. Simply stick the holder anywhere in the shower and then place your bottles of shampoo, razors, body wash, loofah, and more.


If you are looking for a shower caddy that can be installed without difficulty, you should check out the ODesign shower caddy with removable hooks. With this no-drill stainless steel mounted shower holder, your hygiene products will stock up neatly. And the caddy comes with a strong adhesive to avoid it from budging down whenever you press it to pump shampoo.


It is important to keep shaving creams, razors, and bar soaps clean.  A shower caddy is absolutely a mobile home bathroom essential needed to ensure everything in the bathroom is in order.


9. Deluxe Closet Kit


Trying to fight an outfit in a sea of clutter is frustrating. Besides, seeing all that mess can make you take longer to get dressed and ultimately bring your motivation down. A well-organized closet helps make your closet your happy place. It also makes it easier to get to the right things, especially when you are in a rush. 


One tip we can impart to help make your mobile home life easier is to order an adjustable shelf that has flexible features. Such products will keep your bedroom tidy.  A closet kit is an answer to your clothes storage needs. 


The Rubbermaid deluxe closet kit is a game-changer for organizing your clothes. This closet kit comes with expandable shelving that takes advantage of every inch of space you have. Once you have secured the top rails, it is up to your needs where to place the shelves, long rails, and rods. Although it requires a bit more effort and knowledge to use hand tools to install, you will be happy with the result.


Organizing your closet the way you want is not impossible. All you need is an appropriate product with customizable features. Closet kits include everything you need in one box.


10. Portable Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizer


Whether you just want a great extra wardrobe or need a portable closet for a tight space, the Whitmore portable storage organizer is definitely one of the best options available. This product is a high-quality and functional clothes storage solution for both folded clothes and longer outfits. 


The wardrobe has a zipper dust-proof cover that is easy to wash and requires no tools to assemble. It fits in small bedroom spaces and can also be used as a storage system for the tools and trinkets in the shed.


11. Wardrobe Storage


Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes have a smaller, limited bedroom space. Consequently, that means a smaller space for clothing storage. But, do not fret! You have the option to use an easy to assemble, portable wardrobe. 


A portable and moveable closet is a highly suitable storage unit for small spaces. The YOUUD wardrobe storage closet really delivers in the storage department. It uses a breathable fabric that will keep your clothes protected from dirt and dust. And it provides ample space to keep all of your jackets, sweaters, dresses, and pants perfectly. 


Running tight on closet space is annoying, particularly if you have a lot of clothes or sharing space with someone else. A heavy-duty portable clothes organizer is the perfect solution to get some extra storage.


12. Space Saving Hangers With Nine Holes


What is wrong with a regular clothes hanger? They can only hold one item and tend to take up so much space in the closet. But, there is one kind of hanger that is perfect for tight spaces.  


Aside from portable clothes kits, a space-saving hanger is an amazing product that will help keep all your shirts neat and wrinkle-free. With a space-saving hanger like the Heyhouse closet space-saving hangers, you can really decompress your wardrobe. 


When looking for a space-saving hanger, try multifunctional hangers that can hold up to nine pieces of clothes. The only downside to this kind is that they might not be the best option for short-height closets since clothes are stacked from top to bottom which means that they will hang low.  


13. Expandable Shoe Storage


When it comes to shoe organization, it is all about optimizing the storage space. That said, for many customers, narrow standing stackable shoe racks are often the go-to product.


The Aeitc expandable shoe storage cabinet is the ideal shelf system to store all of your sandals, shoes, slippers, even keys and umbrellas! This product comes in the form of a big cube that can house up to nine shoes. The middle partition can also be removed to hold taller footwear like boots. 


This product is so easy to put together you might not even need the instructions.  Do you have a ton of shoes, but have limited space in your mobile home? Expandable shoe storage is definitely a great choice.


14. Mobile Wine Cart


A versatile wine trolley can make your mobile home more organized. Suppose you have a small pantry or kitchen, a mobile wine cart will allow you to keep wines, beverages, and other items safe and in order.


Mobile wine carts vary in style and size, but most often than not, they are equipped with wheels. That is fantastic since you can push them exactly where you want to relax and have a drink. 


The Urkno bar cart is beautiful, little, and truly gives more space in a mobile home. Many people choose this product for its industrial style and sufficient room for liquors. This mobile wine cart and glass holder is a brilliant way to store and organize bottles of expensive wines. 


If you are dealing with a tight space, you might find mobile bar carts as space savers since they have a large top surface and plenty of room on the bottom shelf.


15. Grilling Accessories


For many people, summer never truly begins without a grilling party. From meat thermometers, sturdy tongs, to metal skewers – these items help make the grilling experience fun and exciting.  But, you do not have to acquire the fanciest toolsets to have a fun cookout with your friends and family. 


The Romanticist grilling accessories kit is perfect for men and women who love to grill! The set comprises everything you might need for grilling a BBQ. And all the tools have elongated handles that are built to resist heat and prevent your hands from getting burned.


When considering purchasing grill accessories, keep this in mind: a complete set of essential barbecue tools offers convenience to use and a space saver compared to buying items individually.


16. Inflatable Serving Bar Salad Ice Tray


Regular ice trays take up so much space in storage. An ideal mobile home kitchen accessory is something that is easy to put together and is not a headache when storing.


What more can you do to make the parties you are hosting more fun? An inflatable serving bar! Aside from being an excellent addition to parties, an inflatable serving bar is quick to inflate and deflate. It is very handy so you can carry it anywhere.


The Moon Boat inflatable serving bar salad ice tray is a popular option you might want to check out. The product can be set up in no time and works flawlessly in keeping food safe and cold for hours. 


17. Rack Wall Mount Tools


Are you a tool enthusiast? Do you have a ton of indoor and outdoor items that need proper storage in your mobile home? A heavy-duty steel mount storage system is a great product that will cater to your needs. You can use it virtually anywhere in your home be it in the bedroom, mobile home shed, bathroom, or kitchen.


Amazon customers have many good things to say about the Ultrawall Rack wall mount tools home storage system. This product is suitable for organizing all kinds of things from lightweight raincoats to heavier items like chainsaws. That is because the material used is a superior quality metal. 


If you have several garden tools, bags, umbrellas, towels, and other stuff that needs to be organized, consider a rack wall mount. Just ensure that the product is screwed properly and it should be good to hold tools.


18. Metal Pegboard Organizer

Storage sheds for mobile homes also need organization from time to time. However, figuring out the best way to keep it neat can be tricky because almost everything you would not want inside your home goes to the shed. There are just too many things.


Some popular ways to organize the things in the shed involve big boxes. The problem is, that may not be the most efficient solution. Instead, we suggest pegboard organizers.


With a pegboard organizer, you will be able to neatly store your tools and have easy access whenever you need them.


If you need something stronger than a normal pegboard to hold your tools and not fall apart, the Wall Control metal pegboard organizer is the product that will not disappoint.  It comes with a lot of pros like a great assortment of hooks and shelves, a holder for screwdrivers, and relatively easy to mount on the wall.


19. Garage Storage Tool Organizer Rack


An adjustable storage solution is a common theme when looking for storage ideas for a mobile home. If you want to spice up your mobile home garage, the Wallmaster garage storage tool organizer rack checks every box. 


The product has adjustable features like hooks that can be detached and placed where you need them to be. With just an electric drill this item will be on the wall and ready to use in no time. It works well as a mobile home organizer for heavy tools and outdoor gear.


20. Stackable Storage Containers With Lids


A simple but sturdy solution for keeping large items organized is storage containers. Plastic storage containers are a great product to organize holiday decorations and items like Halloween costumes, Christmas ornaments, and light displays.  


A durable, easy to clean storage bin for the mobile home shed or garage can protect your valuables against damage due to adverse weather conditions, pest infestation, water spills, and absorption. Storage boxes are the practical space-saving storage ideas that will help you better organize the mobile home shed. 


For a portable design with ergonomic handles, weather-resistant, and a snap-tight lid to keep all the content protected, check out the CW original black & yellow tough stackable storage containers. This is an overall multi-purpose utility storage container for transporting or storing bulky items. The bins stack and lock in place so you can ensure they will not suddenly drop or tip over.




These mobile home storage tips and tricks will surely make your home more efficient. Whether it is an over-the-sink dish drying rack that can save so much space on your counter, a mini projector to improve your movie experience or stackable storage containers for all-around needs, these mobile home essentials will fix the “limited space” problem you have with your mobile home. 


The products we introduced here not only have a tasteful texture, but are also sleek, sophisticated, and create an inviting vibe.