The State of Colorado – The Mobile Home Paradise

Where are the good mobile home towns?

If you can feel the fresh breeze coming from the magnificent Rocky Mountains, then welcome to Colorado! Colorado is a state filled with wonderful attractions like natural hot springs, museums, nature parks, and mountain trails. If this sounds like a place you’d like to live, well lucky for you! With its vast land resources, Colorado provides many housing opportunities. Colorado is a fantastic place to settle down and call home.  

Due to the rise of housing communities’ costs in Colorado, affordable housing has pivoted toward manufactured housing! 

Mobile homes are a premade structure that can be transported. Many families use mobile homes as an alternative to apartment-style living. Owning personal property such as this is a really big help, particularly to those who would like to one day own a house. 

Listed below are the cities and towns in Colorado State with the best mobile home parks. 

Colorado Springs 

This is a big city that still offers a fair cost of living. There are more than ten mobile home parks on this side of Colorado. Most clients approved these mobile home parks in Colorado Springs namely “The Springs – Robert Communities” and “Lamplighter Community – MHVillage”. 


Let’s go north! Thornton is located just minutes from downtown Denver. Aside from that there are also a number of mobile home parks in this area. “Pine Lakes Ranch” is a well-reviewed and liked mobile home park in Thornton. 


Golden is another populous part of Colorado. This city is surrounded by breathtaking natural views that are so inherent to Colorado. This may be smaller than the other Colorado cities, but people still really enjoy the area. “Golden Terrace” is one of the popular mobile home parks in the city. This park is conveniently located near many tourist attractions, while also being a great place for any commuter. 


Denver is the original owner of the name Mile High City. It’s not only a high city in Colorado, but also one of the highest in America. This city boasts many attractions like the famous Denver Botanic Gardens and many museums. The city of Denver is home to many people; several Mobile Parks are established here like “Rustic Ranch Mobile Home Park” and many more. 


There are a plethora of positive reviews regarding life in Colorado. Due to the mixture of nature and urbanscapes, this state became a home destination for many. 

What are you waiting for? If you have plans to move out or start out in a new place, choose Colorado. Housing is top-notch in this state, especially mobile homes! It’s not ranked as one of the best places to live for nothing!

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