You may be searching for a new or used mobile home in Colorado and while you’ve shopped around you’ve also conducted research on each community.  All it takes is a Google search and you can read the comments and star ratings of each manufactured home community.

As you read through the reviews, you’ll notice a handful of negative comments about the park and community management.  Some of the comments are rightfully made, while others are just people anonymously complaining.

Don’t let these comments or reviews sway you away from your new home.  Although, it’s important to read the reviews, you must realize that people like to complain and will complain at every opportunity.  If anything, bring these reviews over to the community manager to discuss them and see how they react or discover what they have to say.

As a broker, I am a middle man between residents and park staff.  I interact with the community from a different angle and oftentimes make small talk about their workload.  Oftentimes these community managers are powerless.  Around Colorado, most manufactured housing communities are owned and operated by publicly traded organizations.  Getting items resolved is a process that must be approved by different office departments.

Many of the managers that I speak to are frustrated with the lack of productivity.  If they had the opportunity to resolve every issue they would.  Anything that requires approval is out of their control.

So, while it’s important to read the reviews about communities, it’s also important to see the situation at full spectrum.

The fact of the matter is that you really don’t know who is writing these reviews.  Many of the times, it’s just residents who don’t like “hands on” managers.  As a result, they bash the community.

For example:  I’ve seen first hand of the reaction by a resident who was told to clean their property from the park manager.  Not only did they refuse to clean their property, but they also went on to write up a huge review about how the managers were biased, ect.