When Is The Best Season To Sell Your Mobile Home?

If you own a mobile house and you are planning to sell it then you should make the appropriate time for selling it. There are a lot of things to consider to make sure you get the best price possible at the most convenient time.

Experts in mobile home selling advise of taking into account proper planning when selling a mobile home. As for timing, summer and spring are the best seasons to sell for many reasons.

Selling your mobile home in summer..

Apart from summer being a time to enjoy the beautiful weather, summer is also considered one of the best times, next to spring, to sell a home. Statistics have shown that most mobile home buyers hunt and inquire a lot about houses during this time of the year as summer is the easiest time of the year for most families to embark on a transition.

Digging deeper into the data, research has found out that there is an ease of selling a home in summer because of the benefit summer brings not just for the sellers but for the house hunters (buyers) as well:


  1. Summer is a friendly weather.

Colorado research has shown that summer is a great time buyers would want to buy Colorado mobile homes. When they were asked why, one of their reasons was simply because summer is just easier as the climate is dryer. Also, just the thought of moving things on a warm sunny day is a lot more convenient than doing it during winter or fall.


  1. Summer is a great time to settle down before another school year starts.

A lot of manufactured home buyers prefer hunting for their ideal mobile homes in the summer because it is a perfect opportunity to have everything settled in the new home before the commencement of another school year.


  1. Summer is when your mobile home looks best.

The natural lighting from the sun during the summer can add beauty to your mobile home. This advantage is something you should take especially if your mobile home has a garden area. This will make it look all the more naturally beautiful.  The inside of your mobile home will show better as well. Whenever you have buyers over (if it’s nice out) you can have the windows open. Fresh air or even cool air when it’s hot out, will always sell the buyer.

Selling your mobile home in spring..

Spring, they say, is the title holder as the best time to sell a property. Every sale is different but majority of the data in the market has shown that no time is better than spring when it comes to selling a property. These are the reasons why:


  1.  Spring is when most buyers are in hunt and ready to buy a house.

There is a rise in eager buyers during Spring especially between the months of April and June and that is because Spring is also a season as friendly as summer. Apart from summer, people are eager to get out of their house after the long winter months.  And if you were a buyer, of course, you would prefer moving to a new home under a friendly weather than do it the colder and wet winter months.


  1. House hunters want to get settled before spring ends.

Home buying process does not end in house hunting. It is, in fact, a quite long process, from the hunting phase up to the moving and settling down phase. While settling in takes time, a lot of homebuyers are getting more inclined to purchase a home before friendly seasons like summer and spring are over. More often than not, buyers would want to live in their new home between Spring and Summer before all the hustle and bustle of the school year and holidays.


  1. More mobile homes sell faster during spring.

Zillow research has shown that months in spring is when there is high sales in mobile homes and other properties. Results have found out that mobile homes sold between April to June sell easier by about 15% faster than homes listed on sale during other seasons. This is something you should take advantage of.

Keep in mind, however, that since there is a high volume of buyers and manufactured home sellers of mobile homes during Summer and Spring, it is a wise move to list your home for sale as early as possible to get a lead in the competition.


  1. Tax season has just ended

Most mobile home buyers have received a tax refund.  Most families can add up their two tax returns and with that, they’ll have enough funds for downpayment or even to purchase a home outright. Luckily with manufactured housing, the prices are much lower than the traditional forms of housing. So one good refund can help a buyer out big time!


When that time comes, remember that Colorado Mobile Homes has your back. Contact us at 720-634-9426. We can pay you cash and close on your home quickly or can list it for you. Either way we’ll help make the process easy for you!