Pros & Cons of Selling a Mobile Home Yourself

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. But sometimes, we reach a point where selling it is unavoidable. Regardless, if it’s a single family home or a mobile home, owning a home can be one of the largest assets we can have in our lifetime. While the process of selling it can spark emotions and stress, without the help of a professional agent, the whole selling experience may get even more stressful and chaotic.

Even with mobile homes for sale in Denver, Colorado, selling a mobile or manufactured home without a professional’s help may initially appear economical, however it doesn’t entirely make for an easy or smooth transaction. In fact, selling a manufactured home without a professional has plenty of disadvantages.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of selling a manufactured home yourself:

The Pros:

1 – Property Knowledge – No one knows your property better than you. If you resort to DIY home selling, you will be spared the hassle of having to communicate all the property information from its lot area, floor area to most specific details that your potential buyer may inquire about. As the owner of your mobile home, you can easily advertise about its best features. Most importantly, you will no longer need to worry about any amenity specifics that might be handed wrongly to your listing agent. Of course, you would not want to give false advertisements just to seal a deal, right?

2- Potential Monetary Savings – Let us admit it; the most common reason why homeowners resort to selling their homes by themselves is the savings they can potentially get from not having to pay commissions to mobile home dealers in Colorado or wherever their areas may be. These commissions actually cost around five to seven percent of the original selling price. That is already a lot!

3-Full Selling Process Control – Selling your home yourself basically grants you full control of the entire selling transaction, i. e. the price setting, the availability status of when to show it, who to sell it to, how to market it, and a lot more. More than that, you are assured that the whole business transaction will be transparent as you will be the primary person involved in the deal.

The Cons:

1-  Market Comps – Lack of home selling expertise may result to being taken advantage of.  The home selling decision is a difficult undertaking. More often than not, it involves a lot of complexities that only professional manufactured home sellers can best handle. Most Colorado manufactured home dealers, such as Colorado Mobile Homes, have a keen sense of the marketplace values. Without a manufactured home dealers expertise on the field, your mobile home sale may result in a financial loss.  Unless you have enough knowledge of what the market comps are going (which are very hard to find), it is best not to handle the transaction on your own.

2- Emotionally Burdened – If you are emotionally attached, it will be difficult to get the deal signed. The difference between having yourself and having a third party handle it is you are going to deal with the emotional burden to sell your used mobile home; your broker won’t. Being emotionally burdened might mean you will get extra sensitive, hence the chance of you getting offended by low offers is likely there. In times like this, you can rely on Colorado Mobile Homes to take care of everything in the selling process for you. Rest assured, the right agent will negotiate while preserving your best interests.

3- Investment of Time –  If you plan to include your property in a list of used mobile homes for sale in Colorado, always consider the amount of time you will have to invest on the entire process from advertising it to the negotiation phase and closing the deal. If you think you are unable to allot time to take all the responsibilities, then it will be best to seek the help of a good manufactured home broker in Colorado, especially in the Denver and Boulder areas. With the right mobile home realtor, you are secured that the business will be handled professionally.

4- Marketing Leverage – You have no access to various marketing resources that only professional manufactured home agents have. Professional mobile home dealers know very well where target prospects are lurking. However unlike most realtors or mobile home dealers, Colorado mobile Homes leverages the latest digital tactics for our sellers. In the world of manufactured housing, a good brokerage company leverages their network of realtors and agents, which casts toward wider market of buyers.

5- Communication with Community Manager –  Working with a manufactured professional will help get your home sold with more ease.  There are various reasons on why you may be selling your mobile home, however if it is because you have a bad relationship with the community manager, then this is where you’ll want to hire a mobile home specialist to sell your home.  At Colorado Mobile Homes, we won’t only help bring in a qualified buyer, but we’ll take over all the communication between the park and the buyers when selling your home. So if you’d like to avoid dealing with a community manager, then no worries, cause we’ll take that on that responsibility for you.

6-  Paperwork – Most “For Sale By Owners” don’t have the sufficient paperwork to facilitate a financial agreement.  If you don’t use paperwork, you and your buyers are at risk of not closing on the home. This is one of the biggest advantages when working with a manufactured home specialist.  In fact, most realtors don’t have the necessary training and contractual agreements within this housing segment. We can facilitate any facet of the transaction.

7- Finance Companies – If you have a newer manufactured home, that is less than 10-15 years old, then you’ll probably fall under the same umbrella as most of our clients.  We’ve found that most homeowners in this category are still making payments to their manufactured home. If you’re trying to sell your home without a title, then selling a manufactured home can be very complicated.  This is a very tricky agreement to write up, however rest assured, this is something that we’ve safely done for our sellers and buyers on countless occasions.

8- Buyers Agents – Are you prepared to work with a realtor?  Most Colorado manufactured home buyers actually use a realtor to assist them with the purchase of a used manufactured home for sale.   Are you prepared to work with a realtor to sell your home? Just like as in steps 6 & 7, this is when you’ll really want to take advantage of a manufactured home dealer. We’ve got strong relationships with realtors and other manufactured home dealers to help sell your home.  Not only that, but we also have the working agreements to help finalize a mobile home sale.

9- Fixing Up The Home For Top Dollar – Do you know how to get top dollar for your mobile home? Working with a manufactured home dealer such as Colorado Mobile Homes, we’ll guide you to what needs to be fixed in order to hit a target number.  Most manufactured homes are sold as-is, just because most manufactured home owners don’t know what repairs to focus on or nor do they know who to call in case a repair is made. We try to make this easy for our clients. Also being that we buy mobile homes ourselves, we are always open to sharing our resources. So if you don’t know a handyman or flooring company, we can always refer our reliable friends to remodel your manufactured home.

10- Qualifying The Buyers/Setting Expectations –  Can you ask the buyer the hard questions?  In order to know where you in the mobile home selling process, you’ll need to get a clear understanding of where your buyer is coming from and what the expectations are for the sale.  Most people have a difficult time asking personal or detail oriented questions. When you hire a manufactured home specialist like Colorado Mobile Homes, we’ll be able to paint a clear picture for both you, as the seller, and your buyer.  We do our to minimize any late surprises that can affect your deal from closing. Not only that, but we also do our best to prevent our buyers from having “buyers remorse,” which is something you won’t have to worry about, when working with us.

There you have if folks, hopefully this list has helped you assess your options of whether to sell your mobile home yourself or to hire an agent.  As you can tell, why would you want to deal with the many headaches that comes with selling a manufactured home? Colorado Mobile Homes helps our clients feel at ease, if hired as your manufactured home dealer.  Call us today for all your brokering and mobile home selling needs!